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with Autumn Luciano


October 2 -7, 2024


€3,750 - €4,800

All Taxes Included

The veil between the Chateau and spirit world will be thin come Oct 2024.

You are cordially invited to indulge in this hauntingly beautiful five-day fantasy femme photoshoot experience at Chateau de Puy Vidal.

This completely immersive experience features the eerie editorial-style photography of your guide, Autumn Luciano. She, along with the Lady of the Chateau team have crafted a ghostly five days of delicious meals and cocktails, dress up, dancing, photoshoots, exploring, growing, and bonding.  You are encouraged to haunt these dark and beautiful chateau halls with us. 

This is an experience unlike any other- with an exhilarating combination of beauty, play, rest, and community, set against the unbelievable backdrop of a 13th-century chateau- all while creating and participating in fantasy photoshoots. Step into another world, meet like-minded lovers of fantasy and leave with the hauntingly beautiful images you've always dreamed of. 


Come play in the shadows of the chateau for this truly unique experience.





Autumn Luciano

Autumn Luciano is a Midwest portrait photographer who has immersed her clients in a safe and playful world of dress-up and stunning photographs for the past 14 years. She began her journey attending film school when she found herself falling into photography jobs. One job promised to be full-time at summer's end but instead ended up moving across the state, leaving Autumn unemployed. That's when Autumn decided it was time to take a leap, and she took the funds made from a garage sale and invested in a set of studio lights and a couple of backdrops. Armed with her camera and a closet full of inherited vintage clothing, Autumn began working with local stylists to create a playful opportunity for people to experience a celebrity-style photo shoot right in the heart of Michigan.

 At the age of 22, she officially launched her home portrait studio and hasn't worked a day for anyone else since. Today, Autumn has had the honor of showing thousands of everyday people that they are strong, beautiful, and deserve to exist in art. Her studio is still in her home, creating a haven for artistic expression, fun, and a judgment-free atmosphere. Providing professional hair and makeup styling, access to an extensive size-inclusive wardrobe, and pose coaching for every shoot. She feels it's important to have the experience of a high-end portrait session be accessible and easy, so no matter what walk of life you are in, you can be a part of self-love art.


Dear "Haunting the Château" guests,

I'm over the moon to be joining you for this incredible femme fantasy photoshoot retreat with a dark and eerie twist in October of 2024 at the historic Chateau de Puy Vidal. 

We have 5 magical days ahead of us to play dress up together and create editorial-style art in front of my camera. This is a fully immersive experience, so not only will we be getting into costume for shoots, we also get to play in that space. 

Starting with an enchanted garden photo shoot followed by a night dancing around the fire by moonlight and setting our intentions for the days ahead. Followed by a leisurely day of horseback riding and massages (optional) leading up to a night of debauchery and decadent dancing at our rococo-style vampire ball. 

The next day we will explore the ancient countryside towns, hunting for treasures and soaking up the history. Then back to the chateau for a night stirring up trouble with our Victorian-style slumber party, where we will run with the spirits of the chateau by candlelight in the hedge maze and indulge in parlor games and cocktails by the light of the fireplace. 

On the last full day, we will enjoy a haunted tea party with lawn games and time spent together. The five days are peppered with stunning individual and group photo shoots and learning opportunities for historical hairstyling, posing techniques, and photo set styling. 

Each day we will gather together to do our styling in a common space so we can help each other along the way. At the end of our retreat, I will do a one-on-one portrait reveal for each guest to pick your most treasured images to bring home with you. 


All the delicious meals, snacks, and custom cocktails are included in your stay, and you will have one of the stunning rooms in the chateau to rest your head when you are done haunting at the day's end. This ghostly-magical week is sure to bring about lifelong bonds and a beautiful new space for you to fall in love with yourself. 


Meet me at the chateau, and let's make some art and memories that will stay with us for a lifetime. 

Sincerely yours, 

Autumn Luciano


  The "un-photogenic" myth is dead 

A Glimpse at our Retreat


Breakfast in the Spode Room

10:30am – 12:30pm

Set the Stage | Get Ready Hair & Make-up

12:30pm – 1:30pm  

Lunch in the Interior Courtyard
1:30pm - 4:30pm

The Enchanted Garden

Individual Photoshoots

4:30pm - 6:30pm

Free Time- Your time to Unwind


Aperitif Hour 


Renaissance Dining Room Dinner


Witchy Fire Dance - Bonfire Party 

Highlights of our Retreat Week







Arrival day

Welcome to the Chateau!


Meet your hosts, settle into your Chambre, and join Autumn on a tour of the Chateau de Puy Vidal, its gardens, grounds, and studio space. Enjoy all of this with one of our ghostly cocktails in hand.

Enchanted Garden

1:1 Photo Shoot

Get your poses ready, arm yourself with your most ethereal fabrics and make your way to the gardens of the castle for your first session with Autumn.

Witchy Fire Dance 

Group Photoshoot

After nightfall, venture out to the petit bois of the chateau, at the far end of the grounds, gather around a bonfire and let your spirit soar.

Horseback Riding or Massage 

Optional outing to a horseback ride through French countryside or optional massage at the chateau

Rococo Vampire Ball

Group Photo Shoot

Step back to a world of theatrical exuberance, extravagance and over-the-top hair. Enter the underworld of this Rococo Vampire lair.

Fairytale French Village & Antiquing Day trip


Join your hosts on a trip to the local village of La Rochefoucauld, lunch at a riverside restaurant, and drive to a huge treasure trove antique warehouse to hunt for costumes, props and gems.

Ghostly Victorian Sleepover

1:1 Photo Shoot

Gather in the grand salon after dinner for a good old-fashioned sleepover. But this one involves seances and many more surprises.

The Haunted Tea Party
1:1 Photo Shoot 

A final decadent and ghostly feast set in the grounds of the Chateau. Party with the group, drink bespoke cocktails, nibble on high tea fare, and step into a photoshoot setup to have your glamour captured by Autumn.

Included in Your Stay


Against the backdrop of the castle, Autumn Luciano will set up 3 ephemeral editorial fantasy editorial scenes. 

She will guide and direct you in unleashing your power and beauty in front of the camera. A video session with Autumn is included before the retreat to plan and review wardrobe and styling to best prepare for your photoshoots. At the group atmospheric balls and feasts, Autumn will also be staging spectacular group photography to capture these incredibly special experiences.


On the last day of the retreat, you will have a private reveal session with Autumn to look through all the photos from each shoot. From these, you will select your final 3 poses, which will be professionally and artfully edited by Autumn, including any retouching you would like, and then delivered to you after the retreat as a high-resolution digital file. She will also include an assortment of group photoshoots in the final delivery.

There are additional photography packages available for those who would like to order more than the included 3 photographs.

For full details and pricing, please email Autumn at 

This event is exclusively for photography led by Autumn Luciano. 

Professional photography by others is not permitted.

*snapshots, photos, videos & social media posts with your personal phones are permitted*


 Our all-inclusive packages, lovingly curated, cover everything during your stay, from train pick-up to accommodations to day trips. Our goal in putting these together is to allow you to completely relax during your time here, delve into learning, and have the rest taken care of. 

Not Included

Professional Hair & Make-up Styling

Costumes & Wardrobe 



Breakfast buffets each morning, with both continental and savory options. Light refreshing lunches. Decadent dinners offer the classics of french cuisine. All events have flowing craft cocktails and french wines. 


3 Individual Photoshoots and 2 group Photoshoots. Final delivery of 3 high-resolution fully edited digital images from the individual shoots, as well as an assortment from the group photoshoots.


On arrival day and departure day, a Chateau shuttle will meet you at the train station in Angouelme - an 18-minute drive from the Chateau. The train is the best way to travel to the Chateau from Paris- the total time is 2 hours.


Transportation on our day trip to the local village of La Rochefoucauld, entry ticket to Chateau museum, and lunch at a riverside restaurant all included.


Chateau de Puy Vidal rooms have a variation of opulent and spacious décor to charming, storybook chambers, as well as contemporary and cozy retreat spaces.


The Chateau's spirits invite you to haunted teas, rococo vampire balls, and much more. Join the ghoulish ghostly festivities-  bonfires under the stars, mystery games, costume nights, and cinema screenings by candlelight...


An integral part of the Creative Retreat Experience is the sense of unity that comes with everyone gathering under one roof to create and unwind. We offer a selection of six distinctive historic bedrooms and suites, each designed to provide a one-of-a-kind experience.


Our room offerings cater to various preferences, ranging from spacious and opulent decor to enchanting, fairy-tale chambers, and French country cozy retreats. If you are seeking the chance to unwind alone, our single occupancy option allows you to enjoy the retreat in your own private room. Decompress, reflect and recharge in your personal sanctuary. For those who prefer to share the retreat experience, we offer double occupancy rooms. This option is ideal for friends, couples, or those who wish to forge new connections with fellow participants.


If you're a solo traveler and choose double occupancy, we'll pair you with another solo traveler for a shared experience, enhancing the sense of community. For solo traveler double occupancy options please email us at


Puy Vidal is a Chateau owned by the Leach family. We moved to France to make this part of the countryside our family home and create an inspiring and magical place for people to gather. Julia, her partner Caroline, and her sister Penelope run the Lady of the Chateau business. Her parents, Maruca and Robert, have retired to the Chateau and deeply enjoy welcoming guests. The whole family will be on-site for the entire duration of this Creative Retreat. 

Ensuring that the magic is happening morning, noon, and night, we will be putting together the events, and feasts and collaborating with Autumn to create unforgettable scenes for each event and photoshoot. We will also guide you on a couple of day trip explorations to some of our favorite fairy tale French experiences. Our goal is to create an atmosphere that helps you feel you've stepped into another time- the heroine of your own film. Retreat from modern life and meet kindred spirits within the fortress walls of this thirteenth-century castle. 

Join the Magic

Learn more about pricing and packages below.

If you have any questions please email us at

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