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Founded as a Cinema Studio as well as a Creative Salon, The Lady of the Château injects the art of cinema into everything it does at Puy Vidal. Join us for a wide range of cinema-related workshops. From student level to professional, we seek to gather storytellers from around the world, in the land where cinema was born!

Our Youtube Channel "Dreaming of a Château" was launched at the very beginning of our journey when we purchased Château du Puy Vidal in mid-2021.

The Lady of the Château


Period Piece. Time travel. Drama. Comedy.

From its Renaissance Spiral Staircase to its formal french labyrinth the rooms and gardens of Puy Vidal glide effortlessly between Medieval, Renaissance, 18th century and present. As former Camera Assistants and filmmakers, your hosts would assist in every way possible to help your film production go as smoothly as possible. 

Puy Vidal was truly made to animate and give depth to the moving image. 

Please reach out with any and all inquiries for a film shoot. 


Having worked in the New York City film and television industry for almost a decade as a 2nd camera assistant, Caroline worked in the heart of the film set, right next to the camera, with some of the biggest names in film and television. She was a member of the International Cinematographers Guild Local 600 Union since 2012.


Although no longer working on film sets and now fully dedicated to the care of Château du Puy Vidal and the growth of The Lady of the Château workshops and events space, she leads with her passion for teamwork & visual storytelling in everything she does at Puy Vidal. 

"Living at Château du Puy Vidal feels like we are living in a movie. Sharing the story of a family who decided to take on a piece of History. To witness it, to help preserve it and to share it with the world."

Film & TV studio credits:

- Warner Bros, MGM, Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Starz and more

 - In the Heights, Tick Tick Boom! John Wick, Power, Orange is the New Black, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Y- the Last Man, Respect, The Joker and more.

Our love for cinema drives our work here at Lady of the Chateau


Having studied Anthropology at Barnard College in NYC, Julia entered the film and television world through a boutique documentary company in Dumbo, Brooklyn. From there she entered the larger studio television world as an Art Department PA on the production of The Knick Season 2, an incredible period piece set in 1902 New York City. Constantly awed by the camera department on this set, and having come from a lifetime of loving photography, she sought to make her way into the International Cinematographer's Guild. First step was to work as a Prep Tech at ARRI Rental, putting together camera equipment packages for NY's leading camera crews. After her training here, she passed the Cinematographer's Guild entrance exam, and started working as a Loader on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Loving the camera department and aspiring to become a Director of Photography one day, Julia rose from Loader to 2nd AC on the sets of Amazon Prime's Sneaky Pete, Netflix's Pose, FX's period piece Fosse/Verdon, Prime's The Tick, and CBS's The Good Fight

Loving  her work on the historical film sets, Julia has always sought to find immersive ways of connecting with the past. When COVID hit, and the film industry shut down, she reawakened an old dream of creating a business in a historic monument in France- and bam, the Chateau dream was born again. 

Now at Chateau de Puy Vidal, she and Caroline seek to bring the world of cinema through its gates- to animate it as a filming venue, to develop filmmaker trainings, and to produce their own film and video content. Indeed, even in their other Creative Retreat programs at the Chateau, they seek to bring the spirit of storytelling and filmmaking into each guest's expeirence of this place.


Immersive Trainings for film and television professionals looking to acquire or develop new skills such as lighting, camera operating and more, these workshops at our Film Center, offer the combination of world-class instruction, professional equipment, and a stunning cinematic environment. 


Leading the way towards a fusion of cinematic technique skills and approach into the ever-expanding world of content, the Lady of the Chateau Productions offers several days to week long image incubation sessions at the Chateau. These experiences are designed to bring together cinema professionals with content creators seeking a fresh infusion of techniques, inspiration, fellowship with kindred creators and an opportunity to come away with premier images and film to fuel weeks of work.


Designed for people looking to learn the foundations of filmmaking and storytelling ,whether to learn more about why they love cinema, or to break into the profession. We curate leading Directors and Cinematographers from the world of Film and Television, and co-create lesson plans for 2-4 week summer programs.