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Updated: Apr 24

On these cold winter days, you will usually find Julia, Maruca, and I huddled in the northeast tower office of the Château or sitting by the fireplace that is almost always burning in the "Petite Salle Manger" the little dining room. When we finally come together, sometime in the late evening, we recap the day's event; on occasion, we will have a "Puy Vidal Sunset," a cocktail created by our resident Drink Master herself, Maruca. She never shys away from trying something new by adding flare and a new ingredient to just about everything she does, Maruca constantly creates fresh food and drink recipes with heartfelt joy and imagination to keep us cozy during these long winter nights. We invite you to transport yourself to Puy Vidal and try this one with us!

"Puy Vidal Sunrise"
3 ounces of Martini Rossini Vermouth
4 ounces of "Pulco Citron"(sold in french grocery stores- a type of lemon concentrate) or fresh lemon juice
4 large ice cubes

In an old-fashioned glass combine Vermouth, Lemon Juice, and 4 large ice cubes and stir well and enjoy!
Taste profile: Aromatic herbal sweetness, a lightly bitter taste with a crisp citrus bite.

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